Things We Like

Whether we are doing research for our latest project, travel for work, or wherever we venture we, are always on the lookout for things we admire in the planning and design worlds. Here we have tried to list a few of the planning and design trends, projects or occasional restaurant or hotel that that caught our attention.

New York City's high line park.

New York's High Line
Many in the design world feel that New York City's High Line is the best thing since sliced bread and we can't help but to agree. Anytime a city can save a historical artifact and the surrounding neighborhood from the wrecking ball and repurpose it into an urbanistic series of open space promenades, pasesos and gardens that help drive economic regeneration, we like it. That fact that it is imaginative and brings additional beauty and park space to Manhattan is a good thing.

Bocadillos Restauurant in San Francisco, CA.

This small Basque-style tapas restaurant and wine bar on Montgomery Street at the edge of the financial district is run by Gerald Hirigoye serves up excellent and tasty tapas and Spanish wines.

710 Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94111. 415-982-BOCA.

wildlife corridor route in Irvine, CA.

Wildlife Corridors
Let's face it; most of us live in cities or urban settings. As America and the rest of the world rapidly urbanizes, many valuable wildlife habitats are disappearing; becoming isolated and fragmented, thus endangering entire ecosystems. Wildlife corridors create linkages and connections that can sustain and foster the long-term survival for wildlife.

A view of a riverfron walkway in Bilbao, Spain.

Urbanism in Bilbao, Spain
Most are familiar with Frank Gehry's Bilbao museum, but few realize the magnitude of excellent planning and design efforts that went into revitalizing the rest of the city and specifically the riverfront. It's urbanism at its finest. Miles of new parks and pasesos, repurposed canals, the beautiful subway entrances designed by Norman Foster and series of finely detailed parks, walkways and plazas that help connect the city to the river.

A grove of sycamores in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park
If you are looking for a beautiful and wondrous place to reconnect with nature is the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. The wilderness park is part of a series of parks that make up the Laguna Greenbelt in southern Orange County, CA. This coastal foothill-filled park offers miles of trails, a nature center, Orange County's only spring-fed lake, and acres of amazing vistas.

Monocle's The Urbanist online website.

Monocle's, The Urbanist and Atlantic Cities websites
Both Monocle Magazine's, The Urbanist and the Atlantic Cities websites offer up interesting stories on the urban condition of the world's cities. Both provide interesting insight into the ideas and people that shape our urban lives.